Trauma stays stuck in the body until we choose to heal it.

This is why therapy only works to a point, and after dozens of sessions the trauma is often still impacting our life and relationships. Somatic trauma healing gets to the root, clearing it from every layer of the body so that you can rediscover your joy + your relationships can thrive once again.

If you hear the call to step into your power + heal your trauma, find out more about how I can support you.

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Through years of training + working with trauma, I've created a unique framework that is both safe and effective for healing trauma. It gets to the root trauma and clears it, in the safest way possible - and it ensures that you continue to grow and evolve long after our work together has concluded. It's a tried and tested method, blending eastern philosophies with science-backed practices.

1. Create Safety - as a trauma informed practitioner, safety is of utmost importance. The space can't be a safe space until we feel safe in our bodies, and nervous system regulation work is key here to build that safety.

2. Release Trauma - once safety is established, you're ready to release your trauma. This process sometimes feels quite intense, especially if there is much to be shifted. This is a participant-led process, and I see it as the 'fun' part - the heaviness begins to shift relatively quickly and often beautiful insights are received.

3. Integrate - the hard work begins here. A shift in thought patterns and habits is necessary to keep the happiness you uncovered. What will you leave behind, and what will you take with you into this new chapter?

Work With Me

One to One Trauma Healing

A completely bespoke experience, online or in person

  • Assessment + bespoke plan tailored to your challenges, traumas + Human Design
  • Weekly 90min trauma healing sessions (min. 8 sessions)
  • Voxer support throughout
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Spinal Energetics

In person, West London/Surrey. Spinal Energetics helps to expand your window of tolerance so that you can process traumatic events.

  • 60 min. treatment, next availability July

Trauma Alchemy Collective

Online membership coming soon!


London Events

Dip your toe into trauma healing with our events, ranging from workshops to full or half day retreats.

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A revolutionary 6 month container that only exists in London once a year.